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Wizard School RPG

Become a student and investigate the mysteries of Magic School Castle. Solve clues, cast spells, and cause mischief in this genre-focused and rules light tabletop role-playing game!

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  • Tell a story over an entire school year in just one play session!

  • Push your luck and risk detention to solve the mystery!

  • Create your own spells and level them up!

  • Design your own magic school or play as one of your favorites!

  • Discover the mystery together! No one, not even the game runner, knows how the mystery will end or who the culprit is! 

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Uses one 10-sided die and a prop wand.
​Plays a 1-6 session campaign for 2-6 players.
With 246 full color pages in a 6'x 9' softcover book and hyperlinked pdf.
Ages 14+ or 8+ with an adult.

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You've been accepted to wizard school!

Can you solve the mystery before it's too late?

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How To Play

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